“Few things are more important than moving without relying on the help of others.”

We hear this rather often from our customers. Mobility is an integral element of our life. It is a guaranty for personal freedom and self-determination. Mobility stands for independence, flexibility, and individuality for every member of our society to reach his own goals.

Age comes with a lot of unpleasantness. Health issues, less flexibility, and declining eyesight and hearing. However the loss of mobility is one of the worst dangers. Physical disabilities will be followed by psycho-social problems. The fear of falling results in a reduction of activity. One result of this is a decline in social contacts which leads to isolation. This means an enormous drop in quality of life.

The issue of mobility for the elderly stands in the center of attention for the companies of the SK Human Mobility Group. Our focus is on a self- determined and individual mobility in the comfort of your own home. This results in the manufacturing of individual wheelchairs and mobility aids, which later end up in serial production.

Bräunig - Quality Wheelchairs Made in Germany

We have been building wheelchairs since 1975. They are not only long lasting, but configured to your individual needs. From extra narrow wheelchairs for small apartments, to wide ones that can carry a few pounds extra. We have a solution for every problem.

Kröner Mobility Aids

It does not always have to be a wheelchair. We take our experience in wheelchair building and transplant it into the manufacturing of mobility aids. We are looking forward to work together with creative minds, so we can create innovative new mobility aids.